Your Interests - Rank Ordered


Career Test Results

Your interests are defined as work you would enjoy doing.

Your interests can help you find a personal career fit.

You can see your 6 “Holland Codes” rank ordered to the left. Holland codes are also commonly known as “RIASEC” codes. See dropdown explanation of each of the personality types.

People with Realistic interests like work that includes practical, hands-on problems and answers. Often people with Realistic interests do not like careers that involve paperwork or working closely with others. They like working with plants and animals; real-world materials like wood, tools, and machinery; and outside work.

People with Investigative interests like to work with ideas and thinking rather than physical activity or actually leading other people. They like to search for facts and to figure out all different types of problems.

People with Artistic interests like work that involves the creative and artistic side of things, such as drama, music, art, and creative design. They like to be creative in their work and work that can be done without following a stringent set of rules and regulations.

People with Social interests like to work with others to help others learn, grow, and prosper. They like working and interacting with actual people more than working with objects, machines, or varying types of information. They like teaching, giving advice, aiding, consulting, helping, and generally being of service to other people.

People with Enterprising interests like work that has to do with starting and bringing to fruition varying business related projects. These people like taking action rather than thinking or pondering about things. They like to persuade and lead people, make decisions, and take risks in the hopes for increased profits.

People with Conventional interests enjoy work that follows stringent sets of policies, procedures, and routines. They like working with actual information and paying attention to details rather than working with ideas. They enjoy working with step-by-step rules and following a leader with strength.