What Career Is Right For Me? A Career Program That Actually Works

Greetings. I am Matt Donatelle.

If you are not familiar with me I am a certified career coach that will help you systematically and in a step-by-step format answer your all important question-

What Career Is Right For Me

I have spent years testing and perfecting my career program in 30+ countries.

When you finish the career program you will have accomplished the following 3 career goals.

#1) Chosen A Career Goal: (IE-Decide the purpose of your career)
#2) Chosen A Career: You will have chosen the specific career you love, adds value to the world, and pays a good salary
#3) 10 Year Career Plan: You will create a step-by-step 10 Year Career Plan to turn your dream career into reality

In accomplishing these 3 career goals you will have answered your question.

What Career Is Right For Me?

I have created 4 articles that details my step-by-step process in choosing the well paying career you love.

Step #1) 6 Steps To Choosing The Lucrative Career You Love Career Test URL 60 question Match skills and interests and infographic detailing

Step #2) Blueprint Choose Lucrative Career You Love In 15 Days Career Quiz URL 30 question Match blank and blank

Step #3) 4 Factors: Pick Your #1 Dream Career Career Aptitude Test URL Match blank and blank

Step #4) Create Your 1-10 Year Career Plan Career Personality Test- Test



For a more detailed and interactive look at the 4 topics contained in these articles, I would highly encourage you to sign up below for my FREE 4 Part Career Video Series discussing these 4 topics in clear, fun, step-by-step detail

This video series will certainly give you the knowledge to answer the all important question WHAT CAREER IS RIGHT FOR ME?

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